Return to Exandria

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Our story begins in the dungeons of Whitestone where our four heroes have been imprisoned. Varvara discovers one of the other prisoners is none other than Lilith, a friend of Vox Machina, and wild shapes so she can escape her cell, meet the tiefling, and fangirl over someone who knows Vox Machina personally. Listening to their conversation Tal-on leaves his sister, Asha, locked in and wildshapes out of their cell to explore the area. Lilith eventually admits that they are there for a purpose and that some mysterious “she” will come explain to them soon. Tal-on returns to his cell and his sister is less than happy that he didn’t let her out. The blind tiefling, Ruyan, also slips out of his cell and finds his way around the room.

Soon after Cassandra de Rolo descends into the dungeon and releases everyone from their cells. After Var takes a moment to fangirl, Cassandra explains that Allura told her to expect them, and that they were people that could help find Vox Machina and take down the Conclave. Most of the group is quick to agree to help, but Ruyan is hesitant. After a discussion Var manages to convince him to come along.

The group stays the night at the Journey’s End tavern where Patrick, a friend of Cassandra’s, gives them supplies, a map, and a way to keep in touch. Var and Asha become paranoid when a local, Biri, takes a little too much notice of the group.

In the morning they leave Whitestone. But less than an hour into their journey they see they are being followed both by Biri and a group of mages. The mages attack as they near the group. Our adventurers manage to hold their own and defeat the mages with only a little help from Biri. During the fight Asha gets banished to the Feywild where she momentarily sees Vex’ahlia before being pulled back to the group.

Varvara yells at Biri for following. But Biri insists that she is a friend of Ruyan and just wanted to be sure he was okay. She wanted to remain with the group but after Lilith informing the group she was a dragon and with Ruyan not showing any interest in her staying or going Var managed to persuade her to return to Whitestone, for now.

Back from the Feywild, Asha describes what she encountered to Varvara who, once again after taking a moment to fangirl, realizes that this means they’re going to have to go to the Feywild eventually in order to rescue Vex.

The group settles down for a quick rest before beginning their journey in truth. And that is where part one of their journey ends.


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